What is Ethical Investing, how do you do it?

22 June

Investing is typically perceived as a wealthy-only pastime with no regard for the environment or social issues. However, that is not always the case, and the old mindset of making money for its own sake doesn’t need to stay. People have become...[Read More]

Plucky farmer turns energy costs into chicken feed

21 June

A Victorian farmer has defied soaring energy bills to save $400,000 a year during the past decade – and he wants to show other producers how they can save money too. Chicken farmer Chris Freney has made the efficiency savings by installing...[Read More]

Green bonds to fund car-charging network, clean energy

14 June

Australian governments are tapping into investor hunger for AAA-rated green bonds to fund a fast-charging network for electric cars, wind farms, and greener schools and hospitals. Western Australia’s first green bond issuance has attracted more...[Read More]

Solar economics compelling as costs fall, installs rise

14 June

A solar boom driven by falling costs and surging production capacity is putting the world economy on track for decarbonisation. A report released by Australian think tank Climate Energy Finance found China is leading by a huge margin, with the world...[Read More]

Off-grid hydrogen box could replace diesel generators

7 June

Millions of diesel generators could switch off across Australia if work sites, councils and isolated communities opt for a new hydrogen “power bank”. Governments may want to export hydrogen to Asia over the next decade but a Brisbane-based...[Read More]

Flannery backs COVID-style approach to climate crisis

31 May

Australia should draw on its pandemic playbook as it considers how to endure the climate crisis, leading scientist and campaigner Tim Flannery says. The former Australian of the Year has told a Sydney conference the world is in for a difficult...[Read More]

Australia could miss climate goal if it ignores biofuel

24 May

Australia is at risk of missing its 2030 climate target by a significant margin but can bridge the gap by using biofuels made from cooking oils and sugar cane. Groups including the CSIRO and Ampol said Australia had a unique opportunity to lead the...[Read More]

Genetics study aims to net faster-breeding barramundi

17 May

A Queensland researcher hopes his plan to speed up barramundi breeding will mean more of the Australian favourite will make it onto plates sooner. The goal to halve the time it takes for barramundi to reach sexual maturity could have applications...[Read More]

Clean energy budget stakes $2b on renewable hydrogen

10 May

Cheap loans for energy upgrades and nation-building new industries have been backed in the budget to permanently reduce power bills and create clean jobs. As well as targeted energy bill relief for households, there is a plan for communities to take...[Read More]

Federal budget to ‘turn the tide’ on nature destruction

10 May

Native animals and plants at risk of extinction will be protected by two new agencies in a bid to get the nation’s ailing environment out of intensive care. The budget includes $121 million over four years to establish the first national...[Read More]

Moss the boss for nourishing earth and capturing carbon

3 May

Mosses may be the unsung heroes of the plant world, new research has revealed. The ancient ancestor of all plants is vital for the health of the entire planet, laying the foundations for other plants to flourish while mitigating climate change by...[Read More]

Grass is greener for national parks with $262m boost

26 April

Australia’s national parks are “falling apart” and the federal government will more than double funding to help protect iconic places. In the upcoming budget, due to be handed down in the second week of May, just over $262 million will be...[Read More]

Net-zero scenarios map contest for energy, land, water

19 April

A net-zero Australia will require $7-9 trillion of capital to be spent on energy, industrial and export infrastructure by 2060, researchers say. Decarbonisation is tipped to provide 700,000 direct jobs, mainly in regional and rural areas, according...[Read More]

Coal generation rising despite global net-zero ambition

12 April

Australia generated a quarter of its electricity from solar and wind in 2022, more than double the global average, a think tank says. Wind and solar are also accelerating worldwide, research released on Wednesday shows, with last year’s global...[Read More]

Australia strikes pact with UK on minerals, rare earths

5 April

Australia and the United Kingdom have pledged to boost the global supply of critical minerals needed to power a cleaner world economy. Australia is the world’s top producer of raw lithium and other crucial ingredients for electric cars, new energy...[Read More]